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We are Australia’s Fastest growing digital health care network.

Medical Industry

Medical Media has over 3,500 screens strategically placed in health practices across Australia. We partner with over 3,000 local and national advertisers to deliver rich and engaging content to over 6.25 million viewers per month.

While we have grown, we have remained true to the core values that drive our business and deliver outstanding results to our advertisers and practice partners.

What makes us unique?

We are committed to providing outstanding results to our advertisers and service to our practice partners. This begins with an unwavering commitment to creating and delivering great content and building partnerships through collaboration and transparency. From our sales team through to our in-house design team (who create your bespoke advertisement) and dedicated Customer Success team, we ensure we are there to support you every step of the way.

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From small local businesses through to large multi-national brands.



3,500 screens, strategically placed within general practice waiting and staff rooms.



On a monthly basis, our national network delivers a captive audience reach of over 6.25 million.


Unique Solutions

We deliver 3 key media channels closing the gap between patient, healthcare professionals and brands.