Five Apps to Help Increase Productivity

By May 18, 2018 News

If you’re aiming to get more done in less time, then downloading some clever apps might be a step in the right direction. Here are our favourite productivity apps, that you can install now to help you better manage your time.  


We’ve all been distracted by the sound of an email coming through on our device and cluttering our inbox. Enter, Unroll.Me, a smart app designed to spring clean your inbox. How does it work? Simple, Unroll.Me goes through your inbox, collates your subscription emails, and gives you three options – unsubscribe, keep in inbox, or add to Rollup. The Rollup is a daily digest that collects all the emails together into one. The Rollup has previews of the emails, so you can quickly scan them and decide whether to read them, with just a simple click, or not. It’s free and easy (and surprisingly shocking when you see the long list of subscriptions you’ve complied over the years).


While Unroll.Me declutters your inbox, Todolist is designed to declutter your mind. If you’re an avid list-maker, then you need to join the 10 million+ users who use this smart productivity app to feel more in control of their lives. Todolist allows you to keep track of everything in one place, so you can keep track of all the tasks you need to complete. Users can then create projects (and sub-projects) full of to-do items. If you want to take your organisation to the next level, you can then add tags to these projects. For example, you could tag any item that will take five minutes or less with the tag ‘quick’. Then you can create filters that go through all your projects and grab the all the five minute items. You can also se reoccurring tasks, priority flags, and more.


Have you stumbled across an interesting article, but don’t have the time to read it? Enter Pocket, a savvy virtual tool that houses all of your favourite, must-read articles in the one spot. If you’re using Chrome, simply install the Pocket extension, then whenever you come across an article or website, simply hit the “Save to pocket” button. The content is now saved, ready to use when you’re ready. Clever and free.


Need to collaborate on projects across multiple teams? Keep track of your projects in the one place using shared task platform, Asana. It’s an easy way for teams to track their work and monitor project status. Launching to the public in 2011, Asana has quickly become a favourite tool for workplaces, particularly those with cross functional teams. Users can set up tasks, assign them to team members, set due dates for completion and share documents. There are three payment options for larger teams, otherwise the free tier supports up to 15 team members – ideal for a small business!


LastPass is a cleverly designed password manager that generates, stores and fills in passwords that are stored securely in a virtual password vault. Users can then sync their password vault, and the Last Pass browser automatically fills in forms and login details when browsing the Web and accessing sites, either through the in-app browser, Safari or Chrome. Never forget a password again!