Life at Medical Media – Meet the team

By May 18, 2018 December 4th, 2018 News

We chat with our Graphic Designer, Eloise on why she joined Medical Media and how design has evolved over the years.

Why did you join the creative team at Medical Media?

I joined Medical Media with the interest of diving into a design position in a niche market. Advertising in a Medical Practice is a smart way for small businesses to reach their local audience. This not only provides them with an inexpensive way to advertise, but it also helps promote the link between small businesses and their community.

How has design changed over the years?

Over the years, design has evolved. One of the major changes is with the introduction of digital. We now design for ‘on-screen’ or ‘off screen’, which in turn creates an umbrella of new specialities that designers need to adapt to. As a designer, it’s important to keep up with on-going trends and the utilisation of media across different mediums, which is still brand new in itself.

What sets your style apart from other designers?

My style falls in and out of what’s current, but I always stick to a minimalistic approach. I adopted the motto I was taught in university, KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and less is more. If you can keep your designs within these confines and stick to the basic rules of ratio, you can say so much with a simplistic design than you can with anything else more complicated.

How do you help to bring a brand to life?

When we’re given a client’s advertisement to work on, we go through and research the aspects of what make their company unique and whom their target audience is. We utilise their website, Instagram, Facebook and then tailor an advertisement to their needs, while also keeping with design trends in order to appeal to the current market.

If a small business isn’t getting the response from their advertisement, what can they do?

One of the major things we always suggest to a clients is to include a CTA of some sort i.e “Mention this advertisement and get 5% off”. We refresh advertisements up to 6 times per year also, so this allows us to test various offers.

You know you’ve had a #YES! moment when…

I know I’ve had a “yes moment” after I’ve designed a client’s advertisement and they come back happy with the results. If it appeals to them and markets their company how they imagine it, I know I’ve done my part as a designer.