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Broadcast provides health and medical information via a non-audio TV screen, in your waiting room at no extra cost to your practice.
FREE to install

Monthly, our Broadcast offering delivers a captive audience reach in excess of 6.25 million people, who are time rich and activity poor. With 86% of the population visiting a GP each year, Broadcast has the power to influence advertisers target demographic, on the path-to-purchase and within a trusted environment.

Key facts
  • 71% are main grocery buyers
  • 41% belong to families with children
  • Long dwell time 35+ minutes
  • Message frequency of 3 x every 30 minutes

Connect is Australia’s only network of digital, interactive touch tablets delivered into the staffrooms of General Practices.
The strength of our network

Connect is located within 600 medical staff room locations nationally. Designed to bridge the communications gap between medical professionals and health related brands and organisations. Connect is unique in its ability to deliver product information right into the hands of 6,000 healthcare professionals nationally.

Perfect for:
  • New product launches
  • Product advancements
  • Daily key message reinforcement
  • Recall of key data and information
Unparalleled Reach

Join a vast network of more than 3,000 screens Australia-wide.

FREE installation

Installation and ongoing management of a non-audio screen. No effort, no charge.

Tailored Content

Customise your messaging to suit your practice and patients' needs.

In-house production

Supply your own artwork or let our creative team design for you.

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