Life at Medical Media – Meet the Team

By April 4, 2018 April 10th, 2018 News
Paul Simpson

Head of Local Sales, Paul Simpson shares his thoughts on what makes our advertising solution unique for small businesses looking to connect with their local audience.

I joined Medical Media in 2016 as part of their acquisition. My main reason for joining initially was that I had met the CEO, Naz Musa and loved his story – where he had come from and how he had raised $25 million in investment. The fact he was Sales focused was a main draw card for me and the Board was also a major deciding factor.

What is so unique about our advertising solution?

Our captive audience makes us truly unique in the sense that there is nothing else out there today in the advertising world where you have your audience’s attention for 30 + minutes, in a trusted environment. Secondly, compared to traditional advertising, our solution is extremely cost-effective which makes it so attractive to a small business.

What can a small business expect by advertising with Medical Media?

Awesome brand awareness and new customers! We bring your brand to life and share your message with your local community, all day, every day.

How has the sales process changed over the years?

Apart from the transition from paper to digital contracts, the process is very similar. We understand that businesses want to see the value in where they spend their advertising dollars and rightly so.

How does Medical Media differ from traditional forms of advertising?

We are here today, tomorrow and the next day! Unlike print, which is often referred to as here today, gone tomorrow.

Cash flow is often an issue for small businesses, what options are there for small businesses with limited cash flow?

We are here to help small business, so our terms reflect that. This means we can typically work with a business to develop a payment plan to suit their needs, whatever that may be. Our terms are very flexible. Typically, we require a deposit followed by monthly, interest-free instalments.

Small businesses are seeing the benefits from advertising with us, can you share any success stories?

There are so many success stories. Our Customer Success team forge a partnership with our small businesses, so we are fortunate to receive great testimonials from those businesses who experience immediate results once their advertisement is live. We spoke to a café recently who had received a 30% increase in new business, since signing with Medical Media. Often a small business has tried other methods and are hesitant to try something new, but it doesn’t take them long to see the results.

What is the toughest challenge for a sales rep out on the road?

Isolation. Sales reps mainly work remotely. Their car is their office & interaction with fellow team members is rare. This is why daily, consistent communication is vital.

What three attributes does a sales rep need to have to be successful in their role?

Tenacity, discipline and self-motivation.

Why should a small business advertise with Medical Media?

You have the opportunity to reach your local audience and stand out from your competitor, we can help do this at a low cost, extremely effectively.