In Partnership with Gidget Foundation Australia

By May 18, 2018 December 4th, 2018 News

This month, we launched Gidget Foundation’s Australia, ‘Start Talking’ awareness campaign across 489 screens in NSW waiting rooms and 600 connect tablets in staff waiting rooms. The purpose of the campaign is to help drive awareness of the valuable services that Gidget Foundation Australia provide to new and expectant parents, who are experiencing perinatal anxiety and depression

Pregnancy and the first year of parenthood (the perinatal period) is a time of great adjustment, and the impact is often underestimated in our society. Caring for a new baby can be a unique, special and joyful time but new babies can also bring many challenges.

While most parents struggle at some stage with exhaustion and the relentlessness of caring for a small baby, perinatal depression and anxiety is a recognised mental health problem that affects nearly 20% of mothers and 10% of fathers. that’s around 100,000 families in Australia each year. Parents may not only struggle with their own lives, but the impact can also be felt by friends, family and in the workplace.

While perinatal depression and anxiety can be debilitating, it is treatable, and mothers and fathers do get better and go on to enjoy this time in their lives. Seeking help early from family, friends or professionals means recovery can start sooner and may avoid a crisis developing. Early detection and intervention can begin a journey of self-awareness and the development of robust and resilient mental wellbeing.

The foundation recently launched their free video counselling service for parents who are experiencing experiencing perinatal anxiety and/or depression and are unable to have a face to face consultation.

For more information about Gidget Foundation Australia,  please visit Gidget Foundation Australia.