Digital Toolkit: Email Marketing for Small Business

By August 5, 2018 News
Digital Toolkit

Email marketing in the form of newsletters, campaigns and competitions can be a quick, easy and cost-effective way for small businesses to connect with customers. What’s more, email marketing campaigns can be specifically targeted to newsletter subscribers, which can help to maximise conversion rates, and makes them highly shareable on social media.

So, here are some our top tips that you cut through the noise.

Have a conversation with your audience

Dumping information on your email subscribers won’t set you apart in a crowded marketplace saturated with digital media. Today, consumers are looking to feel inspired and entertained by relevant content they want to engage with.

Its important to have a deep understanding of exactly who your target audience is. Useful insights about your target audience can then help you to craft content that could make them feel personally involved – rather than presented to or pitched to. These insights could include anything from the audience persona, interests and demographic to potential emotional triggers.

Personalise the content

Email recipients are likely to be more responsive to emails that have the personal touch – rather than looking like they’re made for the masses. Emails can be easily personalised by using tools which enable emails to address individual subscribers by name. What’s more, increased personalisation could be achieved by segmenting emails to specific sections of your audience. By sending out different versions of an email, you’ll be free to craft more targeted, creative and eye-catching subject lines alongside information that’s more relevant to each audience type.

Don’t underestimate the power of a compelling subject line

Subject lines need to do a lot of work in a tight space because they could easily make or break your entire email. Subjects need to quickly grab the audience’s attention and give just enough away about the content to leave them hankering to find out more. But be careful, while your inner wordsmith should dig deep for words that’ll pique curiosity and encourage action, wording that’s too strong could deter your audience from clicking through altogether.

Make your email mobile friendly

With mobile now the preferred method for reading emails, its vital to use tools and software that will ensure your content is displayed correctly while offering mobile viewers the same eye-catching and engaging qualities as your desktop version. Failing at this hurdle could result in unclear emails that run the risk of either never being opened or quickly deleted by your mobile savvy subscribers.

And don’t forget to test, review and refine so you have an understanding of what works and what doesn’t.