Medical Media is proud to support DonateLife Week

By July 27, 2018 News

DonateLife Week 2018, Sunday 29 July – Sunday 5 August

Medical Media is proud to announce our continued support for DonateLife Week commencing this Sunday, 29 August. Organ and tissue donation gives recipients a second chance at life.

Registering to be a donor directly influences consent rates, with 90% of families agreeing to donation proceeding when their loved one is registered. This drops to 40% when the family is unaware of their loved one’s donation decision.

Even if you have previously registered your decision, DonateLife Week is a great opportunity to remind your family about your organ and tissue donation decision, and to ask and know theirs.

DonateLife Week is led by the Organ and Tissue Authority is part of the national DonateLife campaign.

To join the Australian Organ Donor Register, or for more information visit