Small Business Spotlight – F45 Kenmore

By March 12, 2018 June 6th, 2018 News

By now, you’ve probably heard of F45 training. The team-based, functional training facility that places a huge emphasis on the ‘three key factors’ of motivation, innovation and results. We chat to Matt Mecchia, Trainer & Manager of F45 Kenmore about the success behind the F45 juggernaut.

What motivated you to join F45?

I joined F45 because I love the vibe of the group fitness sessions and being able to help multiple people get fitter and healthier in a fun, team environment!

What sets F45 apart from any other gym?

You have 2 trainers to help you through every session and no class is ever the same, every day you come in you know you’re going to be challenged and have fun with a class of team mates at the same time! What sets F45 apart from any other gym is the community, getting to come and train with the same people every day makes the 45 minutes of torture a lot more bearable.

How do you go about attracting new customers to join and what can they do to achieve their best results?

We run 4 x 8-week challenges through the year. A lot of our clients will start up to the challenge where they get a good kick start for 8 weeks by following our training programs and nutrition plan, then once they see results and become addicted over the first 8 weeks they continue training with us.

What do you hope to achieve by advertising with Medical Media?

To reach new local clients who may not know about F45. Clients at the GP are generally looking to be/needing to be healthier and we would love to help them get there!

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