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Over 2,500 screens across Australia

A GP’s waiting room is a trusted environment to tailor marketing creative and drive brand awareness when consumers are receptive to your message.

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Our offering
  • Network of 2,500 screens in medical waiting & staff rooms.
  • Large, digital high resolution screens.
  • Blend of engaging content including, news, health, entertainment, weather and advertising.
  • Reach communities at the point of care.
  • Health, well-being and lifestyle relevant.
Why Medical Centres
  • Defined and certified demographics.
  • Captive audience with long dwell times.
  • Trusted environment access to GP’s
  • Minimal distraction or competitive activity.
  • Reach all or some of our audience.
  • Use data to tailor content at the practice level.
  • Reach CALD communities in multiple languages.


Rich and engaging content delivered to a captive audience.

35 minutes

High dwell time delivers a captive audience, who are time rich and activity poor – within a targeted and trusted environment.


86% of the population visits a GP each year. Broadcast has the power to influence advertisers target demographic.


The Medical Media loop format serves an advertisers message 3 x in every half hour period or 48 x every day.

Proven Engagement Data

% of population who visit a GP each year


% who visit a pharmacy after seeing GP


Female national audience


Male national audience


Main grocery buyers

Measurable results for your advertising dollar.
  • Reach a large audience while patients wait
  • Target your message to increase sales of a product or service
  • Quality content designed by a creative team
  • Cost effective and customised messaging
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